Five-Minute Portrait, Dean Collins Style

Software Cinema has released another of the 27 shoots on the 'best of' Dean Collins DVD set into the wilds of YouTube, following up on the hot lights motorcycle shoot. And this time it is a 14-min video of an annual report cover Collins did of two airline bigwigs back in the '80s.

Hit the jump for parts one and two, and links to the full DVD set.

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Part One

Part Two

This particular shoot has a little backstory, at least as Collins used to tell it while lecturing on the road. This is the shoot that was happened upon by a pair of camera-ladened, elderly "lookie loo's" while Collins was waiting for the CEO to show up.

I won't repeat it here, but if you missed it the first time it is at the bottom of the original review of the DVDs.

More info, and another embedded video:

:: The Best of Dean Collins on Lighting - 4 DVD Set ::


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