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Kevin Cooley's Scrounged Light

Redux Pictures has begun dropping in some of the individual photographer promo videos that have been in the works for the last few months.

These are great viewing, on several levels. First, props to Redux for taking the initiative to brand its individual photographers so effectively. For a boutique agency, they sure are making sophisticated use of the web. The video series is the latest iteration of a spot-on social media presence.

Second, why doesn't every photographer have a promo video like this? It says so much more about a photographer than does a slideshow on a portfolio page.

Lastly, Kevin Cooley surprised me with several ways of using/exploiting light in the video above. To great end, too.

Redux is doling the videos out one at a time on their excellent blog, but you could blow a good hour viewing them in advance on their Vimeo page. Just sayin'.



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