Snooty, Yet Warm

David Honl has just started shipping a gold-interior version of his popular 8" speed snoot, dubbed the Honl Zebra 8. When the light passes through the snoot, it bounces around and picks up the warm color -- similar to using a warming gel on your key light.

Which makes it great for for lighting human beings, especially those from Great Britain.

It's a store-bought homage to an old trick I first picked up from my friend Chris Usher. He used to scrounge manilla folders when shooting biz portraits in an office. Just roll 'em up and make a warm snoot with a rubber band.The effect is similar, albeit less efficient.

Oh, and thanks to users having hacked the original use of the snoots, they now do double duty as bounce reflectors when attached in the manner shown in the photo up top.

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