Strobist is Now Powered by Light, too

On a kinda-related note, as of late last week Strobist's HQ began running on solar power. We only had enough roof space to offset about half of the juice we were suckin'. But it's a start.

If you are on the fence about solar, take a look at some of the incentives that are being thrown around. We got a 30% federal tax credit, a Maryland state rebate, a county property tax rebate and are selling the renewable energy credits.

All in all, that knocked nearly 70% off of the bill. It made the numbers a no-brainer.

We went with a solar water heater, too. So most any time Strobist finds itself in hot water, it will be because of light. Fitting, I think.

EDITOR'S NOTE: If you are getting ready to launch into some kind of political manifesto in the comments about how incentives to go green are BS, please don't bother.

(Sun-catching photo by Strobist reader Wirehead.)


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