Way Cool, Ultra-Light Stand Hack

UPDATE: Peter has updated the pole light stands for use with BIIIG MODS.

Are you weight- and space-conscious with your gear when you travel? Do you typically shoot indoor, with small lights?

Hit the jump for a very ingenious DIY solution from Swedish photographer Peter Karlsson.

Peter has used tent poles and bungee cord to create a whole new way to support his lights. They may look a little different, but they take up very little space and weight next to nothing.

Peter can explain it better than I can, so we'll let him do the talking:

For more on the stands, check out Peter's blog post, and take a moment to look at his portfolio, too.

(The in-flight airplane shots were, um, not done with the tent pole stands, but ironically, these things could be very useful for photogs who fly and need to save space/weight.)

Thanks for the cool idea, Peter!


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