The Snow Must Go On

SECOND UPDATE: Due to many snow cancellations, the show has been extended until March 14th.

FIRST UPDATE: Yet another 4-8" forecast for Sunday-Monday. I give up. Uncle.


For those of you who were planning on joining me for the Wednesday night showing of The Glass Menagerie (for which I did the projection photos,) the show has been canceled. Kinda bummed, but whaddya gonna do?

If you are local, the reason is quite obvious: We received 33" of snow over the weekend. A second shot of up to 20" up to 30" is falling as we speak. Yeesh.

Above is the view from my front door the first evening after the snow stopped. Well, the first half of it, anyway. After that first historic dump, we are referring to the next 20" as a dusting.

(More pix here.)



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