Dave Hill Verizon BTS

L.A. photographer / Photoshop stud Dave Hill has been cranking on the behind-the-scenes videos lately. Lots of new stuff on his site, including this one from one of his trademark composites for a Verizon ad.

Lots to glean in this 5-min segment if you are willing to look closely. And I can't imagine there are too many people are shooting components for national print ads in their living rooms, either. I always love the garage band ethic Dave brings to his high-level work.

Oh, and he calls Paul Buff out on the (non) wind-tested flash mount, too. Final pic and links to more, after the jump.

Granted, it's a Photoshopped composite, which will for some reason get a lot of the purists' panties in a bunch.

But the sheer number of elements (including instruments shot fisheye) is pretty crazy. I would have thought all of those wanged-out instruments were something more tech than that…

Dave has lots more new portfolio work and BTS videos up on his site. Definitely worth a visit.


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