GOOM* Trip: UK

[UPDATE: London and Birmingham are now fully booked.]

(*Get Out of Maryland)
See that thing on the left? That's oak pollen.

It is the most vile substance known to man. Or at least to this man, as it has conspired to ruin every single one of the otherwise beautiful Maryland spring seasons that I would certainly have enjoyed otherwise.

It is because of this hideous practical joke of nature that my allergic nose will, along with the rest of me, be escaping to the higher latitudes of the UK in late May and early June.

While in the UK, I'll be giving four lighting presentations (in London, Birmingham, Leeds and Edinburgh) hosted by the folks at The Flash Center. If you are in that area and interested to know more about the seminars, hit the jump.

Otherwise, keep moving along -- nothing to see here.

First, some details on the presentations.

We will be in lecture in the mornings and demos in the afternoon. I am going to assume some familiarity with the basics for these talks, which will allow us more time to explore a little.

The focus will be on gaining an understanding of the process of zeroing on (or out, for that matter) your ambient, then using multiple speedlights to build your look.

I want to keep it accessible, gear-wise, so I'll be shooting out of a small kit bag. The morning presentation will be available on PDF, so nobody gets a sore wrist from taking notes in the morning. If it is on the screen, you do not have to write it down.

As for the afternoon, I don't know if TFC will be booking a model or if I will be randomly snatching victims up from the audience. Both have their merits, and I remain flexible at TFC's discretion.

But the focus in the afternoon will be working through a wide range of two-light, and ambient+two-light possibilities. Trying to keep totally mobile and yet be creative.

TFC's price for each day is £117.50 inclusive of something called "Vat," which I can only hope is a huge cauldron or such of ale. (I get paid in beer, but at least it is excellent beer.) Still waiting to find that out.

We'll be in London on 5/22 [fully booked], Birmingham on 5/24 [fully booked], Leeds on 5/26 and Edinburgh on 5/28. More details, and ticket info here.


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