PocketWizard MultiMaxes Get Major Firmware Upgrade

Own a PW MultiMax? Is it a newer one, with a little USB port on the side?

If so, then today is your birthday. PW has just uncorked a set of new capabilities for pre-existing MultiMaxes, via firmware upgrade. Oh, and if your MultiMaxes are the older ones (without the USB ports) you probably don't even want to keep reading. It's just gonna piss you off.

With the new firmware you can:

• Double the range when using the unit to trigger a remote camera

• Shift your custom channels if something is stepping on your frequency

• Use the PW as an RF noise meter to figure out the best channel to use in a marginal environment

• Daisy chain PW MultiMaxes in relay mode to boost range for strobe triggering

This is all completely theoretical for me, as I shoot with the standard Plus-II's. But today, I am just a little more jealous of you MultiMaxers.

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