Lighting Bugs, With Layers of Genius

NOTE: If the video is not coming up in your RSS reader, click thru to the main site. Even then, you may have to refresh a few times. It's a little bit ... buggy.

Issaquah, Washington-based photomicrographer Charles Krebs is getting some much-deserved attention, thanks to his amazing techniques for photographing bugs. The above video is from KING 5 TV in Seattle, and I am so glad they got techie enough to show how he solved his formidable depth-of-field problems.

As for lighting, he uses classic old flashes -- in one case diffused with a Christmas ornament. Check out more incredible photos (and generously detailed technical explanations) on his website. And if the video completely fails to load on you, you should be able to see it on the King 5 site.

Thanks to Strobist reader Eric Krebs for the tip on the video. And yes, that's his dad!



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