Yongnuo "John Snow" ST-E2 Punches Above Its Weight

For those of you who are Canon shooters and use optical remote flash, you may want to look at Yongnuo's version of the ST-E2 transmitter.


• AA-powered (no more 2CR5s!)
• Greater range -- like, a lot
• Swivels 135 degrees
• Thus, can control flashes behind the camera
• About half the price (est. street, China)

So what's the deal with the "John Snow" part? That's how Google machine-translates the name on the detailed review on our Chinese language partner site. So, John Snow it is.

Okay, Canon shooters, is this thing interesting enough to take a flyer? What about you current ST-E2 owners -- are the extra features enough to make you reach for you wallets?

Sound off below.



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