At Photokina? Tweet us Your Best Lighting Finds.

Photokina is celebrating its 20th anniversary, so this year is kinda big. If you are there, please enjoy a bier along with my jealousy.

And if you run across something cool in the lighting dept., shoot me a link/Twitpic/etc., on Twitter and I will do my best to retweet the good stuff out to everyone else.

One thing right off the bat: California Sunbounce is giving away a 200ws Lumedyne Deluxe Signature Series flash system at Photokina. This is like the M-1 Abrams of high-end, rugged battery-powered flash. They go for about $2,400.00 US.

So when you stop by CSB's booth (Hall 9, B008) to look at their new toys, make sure to drop a biz card (or just your contact info) and enter to win.



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