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Frio Cold Shoe: Locked and Loaded

From the Department of Better Mousetraps, here’s something pretty cool coming down the pike — A screwless, dual-lock cold shoe.

It may look a little different -- because it is. Details inside.

Biggest thing: The Frio has a snap-lock that clicks as you slide a flash on. Then you depress it to remove the flash.

That’s the special sauce, but it also comes with a few features you might expect and one you probably wouldn’t.

1. There are pin-lock holes for Nikon and Canon (and anything else with those pin positions) which gives you another layer of not-falling-out. And obviously, if your flash has a screw-lock foot, this setup would be damn-near bulletproof.

2. 1/4x20 thread in the bottom has a metal insert.

3. Will take the slightly oversized foot of a Nikon SB-900. (Nikon, what were you thinking?)

4. Will lock without the aid of a small, easy-to-lose screw.

Also, something from left field that I really appreciated — it has a molded in “loop” that will take an elastic strap (same one I used here) so it can be used to lock a skinny flash into an Orbis ring flash adapter.

(My SB-800s have very small heads, so this extra bit of security is much appreciated.)

These are just now starting to worm their way into the distribution chain, so not available just yet. There is a teaser site, but it is obscure. They even put a pastie over the Frio itself. Presuming there will be more info on dealers, etc., soon.


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