ANNOUNCEMENT: Please Join us in Hanoi This Fall!

Our Fall 2022 X-Peditions travel photography workshops, based in Hanoi, Vietnam, have opened for enrollment.
There are currently 4 spots remaining between the two sessions. Full details at our Fall 2022 program page.

And Now, Your Lighting Case Pr0n

I am a big fan the ThinkTank Logistics Manager case. If you think Airport International Security on steroids, you won't be far off.

It can swallow up a ton of lighting gear, too. Four Profoto Acute packs and 4 heads is no problem. And because it is about the size of a Tokyo apartment, you can configure it just about any way you want. Which is the point of this spot-on video and the many config pictures on the product page.

And then there's that music. Chicka-chicka wow-wow…



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