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Are You Just Dying to Get Into a New Studio?

UPDATE: The original I.P.S. site has since been taken down because they were "overwhelmed by orders and had to take the site down." (Natch.) Oh, and there were also a "few issues with the site that needed repair," too.

To their credit, they at least ran the new version through a spell check.


I swear, I could not make this stuff up. The "Important" page on the new Inflatable Photo Studio (yes, I said Inflatable Photo Studio) includes the following among its several warnings:
"It is not recommended that you smoke, cook or have any open flames in the studio. Also lights can become very hot and melt the studio. Do not rest lighting or position it against the sides. Curling irons, hair driers (sic) irons, and steamers can also melt the plastic causing rapid deflation or possible fire."

But wait, there's more!

For instance, in the event of a "rapid deflation," not to worry! You have at least four minutes to get out alive -- if you remember to crawl and "keep your arms up at an angle in front of you." (Um, okay!)

(Hat tip: Andy)



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