Readers Shoot Back: Your Background Stand Hacks

Lots of cool upstreams in the comments of Monday's Hack your Background Stand post. Given that many people read the site via RSS, I thought some of the better ideas merited a quick recap -- inside.

• Eric uses two light stands and a 4.5' section of 2.5" ABS pipe to make a BG stand whenever he needs one.

• Dephul made his DIY crossbar sectional by using pieces of 3/4" and 1/2" electrical pipe.

• In a spin on the portable drapes backdrop idea, Joey B is using his to hold up temporary curtains in his living room until he gets around to hanging them. (Brownie points for the procrastination.)

• Neil dual-purposes his BG stand to store his bikes. (Thus insuring it will almost never be used for a background stand, I'm thinkin'.)

• Tim stretches a background-supported sheet across a corner of a room to create an onsite dressing room. (Presumably not a cheap, see-thru sheet.)

• Michael uses two BG stand sets and connects a sheet overhead to create diffused sunlight.

• MoGF takes the overhead sheet thing one step further to create a giant light box for shooting portraits.

• Puggle uses it for drying wet laundry, thus giving him an excuse with the SO to just leave it up. Bonus points for the laziness factor.

• Related: Pete nixes the traditional Savage 53" white paper rolls for 60" HP plotter paper rolls. In addition to the seven extra inches of width, you get about 3x the length for the same price.

Better explanations for most of these are in the comments of the original post.


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