ANNOUNCEMENT: Join us in Hanoi This Fall!

Our Fall 2022 X-Peditions travel photography workshops, based in Hanoi, Vietnam, have opened for enrollment. Currently, we have limited spots remaining in one of the sessions. Full details at our Fall 2022 program page.

The Flash Bus & DVDs are Now Live

UPDATE: Several cities have sold out, and many more are getting close. Latest info: NYC, SF and Buffalo are probably next to go.

Thanks so much for your patience over the last few days. As you can imagine, it has been quite the madhouse around here lately.

Fun fact: I was scheduled to turn 46 years old yesterday, but that has been postposed until next week. No time. (Plus, I just might be onto something with this deferred aging thing.)

Be that as it may, hit the jump for registration and DVD links.

The Bus is a' Rollin'

As of this morning, most of the Flash Bus cities are now live and open for registration. There are a few cities where venues need to be finalized (they are working very hard on it) and they will be announced very soon. Check back at The Flash Bus' site for latest info.

Lighting in Layers Pre-orders are now Open

Lighting in Layers 6 DVD Boxed Set (full post here) is now available for pre-order, with shipping scheduled for early March. For those attending The Flash Bus tour, bundling discounts are available through the Flash Bus site, via Adorama.

They are also available (with free USA and international shipping) from Midwest Photo Exchange -- including signed copies (if you prefer) while available.

Lighting in Layers will also be available directly through Adorama's website, link to come shortly.

In Case You Hadn't Heard...

Joe McNally and I both have launched DVD sets along with The Flash Bus tour. Especially for those of you who speak Nikon, you could do far worse than having Joe as your copilot.

And I know what you are thinking: Why would someone possibly launch a DVD set at the same time as Joe?

Because we come at it from different directions. That's the whole idea behind The Flash Bus, too.

People think, shoot and learn differently. And you can bet I will be first in line to soak up whatever Joe can teach me. In fact, I get to watch him teach and shoot live 29 times this spring.

Beat that.


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