I Want to Love You Madly

Okay, so photographer Nick Fancher might be onto something here with this "Mad Men" themed engagement shoot. I can totally see this kind of thing making the rounds.

And besides, it's only the engagement photo. Even if Mad Men jumps the shark (if it hasn't already, with Don's surprise proposal) it's not like it's your actual wedding photos or anything.

Lighting Geekery: Note the very low flash levels (1/64th; 1/128th) being used. This brings the aperture down to where you can incorporate the ambient light mix -- very important -- into your photo without getting into crazy slow shutter speeds.

But back to the theme choice. What if Mad Men has jumped the shark? What is the forward-thinking coach potato engagement photographer looking to do as a follow-up?

I know... a Walking Dead engagement photo session.

Better yet: Spartacus. Hell, yeah.

Bonus Link

To ogle some of the lighting behind a real Mad Men still photo (no offense, Nick) check out this BTS video of Frank Ockenfels' shoot of Don Draper from last season.

(Thanks for the heads-up, Nick)



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