When I completed Strobist as a project in 2021, I promised to check back in when I had something worth sharing. Today, I’m announcing my new book, The Traveling Photographer’s Manifesto, which seeks to do for traveling photographers what Strobist always tried to do for lighting photographers.

Thanks for giving it a look—and for your comments and feedback.

Oh Look. Yuri is Doing a Studio Conversion, Too


I'm building a studio, King of Microstock Yuri Arcurs is building a studio -- it's like we have this parallel mind thing going on. It's like we are doing the exact same thing at the exact same time.

But just between you and me, I think my $130 propane heater really pushes my studio over the top, compared to his new studio. Dontcha think? I mean, I wouldn't wanna say anything to him and all. But is it me or does his studio just look too, you know, chilly?

Don't you get cold just looking at it? I sure do.

The space is okay I guess. If you like that kind of thing. But I really like my compact heater. Plus, my windows have that black plastic light proofing. It is like, totally opaque.

Don't get me wrong. I am happy for him and everything. And I am sure he likes his new space, too. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

(Thanks for the tip, Debbi. Thanks a lot...)



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