Please Pardon the Craziness

If things look a little different around the blog lately, that's only because they are. The last few months have been probably the busiest I have even been -- it's just that not all of those efforts have been pointed directly at Strobist.

Between the production of Lighting in Layers and the concurrent prep for The Flash Bus, the past few months have been a continuous blur of long days.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. It's either sunlight, or the oncoming headlight of an as-yet unidentified train. But either way, things should sort themselves out over the next couple weeks.

The DVDs are (thankfully) out the door and at the presses. And for the moment I have to place my main efforts on making The Flash Bus content the best it can be. I do not expect to be teaching after this for a long time, so I'd like to go out on a high note. Suffice to say this will continue to affect things here for a bit.

As for the tour itself, there is something cool in the hopper planned for Strobist during my absence. And we'll be blogging from the road, of course, both here and at TFB.

Upon return, I'll be back to shooting -- locally, as much as possible -- and blogging more consistently. Until then, thanks much for your patience.



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