BOLO Alert: The Flash Bus is On the Loose

UPDATE: We have a winner!

The Photoshoppers -- close, but no cigar:

(Fair warning: The Flash Cart pic links to Fake Chuck Westfall's [typically NSFW-lang] post...)

SATURDAY, MARCH 5 -- BE ON THE LOOKOUT: The bus has just departed from a secret location east of the Mississippi en route to Seattle, Washington. If you are the first to see it, you'll definitely want to grab a pic...

If you happen to glance over your shoulder and see a billboard on wheels featuring two grotesquely distorted, midlife-crisis-aged photographers bearing down on you, get the hell out of the way. The Flash Bus is on its Cannonball Run to Seattle. And from what I know of our driver (AKA "Cool Breeze") I doubt very seriously he is doing it in timid fashion.

Second, grab your camera. We are reserving two of the very first sets of Lighting in Layers DVDs to send out to a pair of lucky sharpshooters.

One set goes to the first properly tweeted photo of the bus in the wild. But read this part carefully: You'll need to tweet your photo and use the hashtag #TheFlashBus AND @Strobist at the end so I'll see it. Maybe stick a location in, too, 'cause we don't know where it is either.

The second free DVD set goes out to the best tweeted bus pic (moving or parked) from the tour. Same tweet conventions apply as above.

And remember, this is a just a friendly exhibition. No need to make this, you know, competitive or anything.



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