GPP Shootout, Part Deux

We interrupt today's regular programming, as the 2011 Gulf Photo Plus Shootout video featuring Zack Arias, JoeyL and Photographic Zenmaster Gregory Heisler (not shown) has just dropped into Vimeo.

Confession time: Working in front of 300+ people? Been there. But I sure am glad I did not have to work under the pressure of Heisler's blistering mic. Let's set the stage, shall we?

Following last year's Polaroid Boy fiasco, JoeyL absolutely had to produce. And Zack, ever the stalwart, was gonna do his thing, of course. What they could not know was that Heisler, after dogging them during their shoots, would later decide to pick up a camera himself...

So, who is Greg Heisler, and why do you not want him riding you while you are shooting? Well, because he makes photos like this, this and this. (Each opens in a new window if you have not seen these vids before.)

So yeah, pretty decent photographer. But where's Heisler still a newb? A rookie? A veritable babe-in-the-woods?

On Twitter, that's where.

I think even with the above small taste in the video, you can see just how suited for the medium he is. And he actually has a twitter account, with over 500 followers, just waiting for him to get his ass in gear.

As of this posting: One whole tweet.

If we get him up to over a thousand followers, I say he pretty much has to join in the fun. So I am asking every one of you to follow Greg on Twitter and send an @reply to him, personally inviting him to tweet more than, well, once.

I'm pretty sure he can take it.

In all seriousness, these kind of fun, if sophomoric, competitions are just one of the many reasons GPP totally rocks. I can't wait to get back there next year.



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