Smack Talk and Pelican Cases in Dubai

Oh, look, it's Zack Arias and Polaroid Boy JoeyL talkin' smack ahead of this year's Gulf Photo Plus Shootout in Dubai. This is the kind of thing done for the local market (make it Suntori Time...) but naturally, I thought we should run it here, too.

If you are newbish, the GPP Shootout is like Iron Chef meets Whose Line is it Anyway, but for photographers. A live assignment, in front of 300+ people. You have to shoot (w/edit and post production) with a 20-min time deadline. And I so hope they'll have Heisler as the heckler played by McNally last year.

You can see a rundown of the 2010 competition, in which Zack and JoeyL battle valiantly for 2nd place, here. Plus, the Polaroid Boy reference will make sense.

:: Gulf Photo Plus 2011 ::



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