Unavailable Light in San Jose

Since starting in Seattle, we have now worked our way down the entire west coast of the US and are in San Diego enjoying our first day off.

Me: "Sure is a beautiful day today."
Anyone from San Diego: "Yeah, um, it's beautiful here *every* day…"

Had an interesting thing happen in San Jose Monday, where Don McKee took the picture of the bus at top. I was right in the middle of my talk, explaining why big dark rooms are our friend, when we … got a new friend.

The power went out for a good portion of San Jose, including our venue…

No power? No problem. While it might take a big pile of NiMH AA's to run our projectors, sound, etc., it's a piece of cake for The [actual] Flash Bus.

Phil, our driver, is what you might call "even keeled." He made the Portland to San Francisco drive (our Cannonball Run of the tour) with no problem. And this was even on the night you set the clocks forward one hour. Like I said earlier -- if you see this vehicle in your rearview, better get out' the way.

Phil just ran an extension cord from the bus' generator to one projector, my laptop and the sound system. Then we were rolling just fine.

We expected to get a few curve balls thrown at us. But having our room plunged into darkness was not on that list. Fortunately, we (or at least, Phil) can hit a curve.

We're teaching in beautiful San Diego tomorrow, and then we start heading east. The whole tour is about 90% sold out now, based on our max number of total seats. When we do hit that number, all of the other cities will be closed out at once.

So if you are on the bubble, better fish or cut bait. Joe and I hope to see you there.


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