Detailed DIY Ring Flash Tutorial

If you are one of those people with more hours than dollars (we've all been there) you are gonna like this DIY ring flash video courtesy Roy at Motley Pixel. It's a variant of the design I first saw done by David Tejada. But the video (two, actually) lays it out in very nice detail.

Of particular note, and an evolution on Dave's design, are the multiple layers of diffusion at the flash end. This evens out the light around the ring. Nice touch.

First part is above, hit the jump for the second video.


Ed. Note: This video dropped this in quite a ways back, but I never saw it because it was not originally tagged with "Strobist" on YouTube.

If you do have cool video to show off, I watch everything that includes a Strobist tag -- even if it is really, really bad. I'm always looking for fun stuff to bring up to the main site.


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