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If Ikea Made a Ring Flash

Is there a hole in your life that only a light with a hole in it can fill?

Are you pining for a ring flash but have neither the money for an Orbis nor the DIY skills to roll your own?

You may be in luck. The folks over at DIY Photography have just come out with a hybid version. And, as the headline suggested, this is one you assemble yourself.

It's made out of the same flexible vinyl material you'll find in folders and binders, so it is reasonably sturdy but by no means indestructible. I have played with one, and the quality of light is very good. (There is progressive ND filtration at the bottom and the light levels are pretty consistent around the ring.)

It is a universal (or nearly so) fit. It's also cheap, at $25. The only thing it doesn't come with is an allen wrench and a weird, quasi descriptive Ikea name like Reng Flösh, or maybe Reh Dyye.

:: DIY Lighting Kit Ring Flash ::



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