Lighting in Layers Update: Wider Availability, Download Version and a Trailer

First, thanks for the kind words from many of you who already have purchased Lighting in Layers. We worked very hard on the project; the notes, comments and reviews are much appreciated. A trailer has now been posted to give people a better idea of what LiL is about.

The hard copy DVDs are now available at Midwest Photo, Adorama, Amazon, Gulf Photo Plus and

And … the downloadable ($99.95 USD) version is live, here. I know many non-US readers were waiting on this. It is the same drag-and-drop (iPhone/iPad/iPod, laptop, Android, etc.) file set that is included along with the $159.95 hard copy version. They are 640x480 .mp4 files, encoded via h.264 for maximum compatibility file size economy (2.9Gb total) for portable media players.

PLEASE NOTE: If you want to test the CODEC on your machine first, you can download a short vignette in the exact same format via Mediafire, for free.

Alas, the subtitled version is taking far longer (grrr…) than expected. I very much hoped to have it ready by now but the video producer is still working on it. Apologies, and I will post as soon as it is up.

Full information on Lighting in Layers is here; after-the-fact Flickr discussion thread for viewers, here.



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