Wanted: EU and Asia Correspondents

UPDATE: Applications are now closed. I am reviewing them now.



Strobist's readership is worldwide. But its coverage is … too Americentric. That's going to change.

Strobist.com is looking for two enterprising correspondents, one each in Europe and Asia, to find and profile/BTS photographers doing kickass light. If you are the right person for this gig, you probably already look up photogs' websites from photo credits and/or have an inspiration folder in your browser -- without even being paid to do so.

If this sounds like you, keep reading.

The ideal correspondent would be:

• A working photographer - preferably commercial or editorial
• An experienced blogger
• Fluent in English
• Intensely curious about, and inspired by, photographers doing amazing work

This is not an exclusive arrangement. If you are already blogging as a contributor on another platform, that should not be a problem.

What's In It For You?

You will be paid per post. You won't get rich, but the amount it is certainly on the high end for this medium.

Your work will be read by hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Your byline will link back to your own blog or photo site, which will bring meaningful exposure within the photo community.

This will be an immersive experience. As a team, we will work together on voice, demographics, organic SEO, editorial budgeting, owning your beat and creating strong, original content on a regular basis.

If this still sounds like you, here is how to apply. In a comment below this post (which will NOT be published) please leave the following info:

(NOTE: Applications are now closed. Thanks!)

If you are not in EU or Asia, please be patient. Depending on the outcome of the above, we could looking for someone in your neighborhood in the future. And lastly, please do not email, Flickr mail or @tweet with inquiries. Only properly formatted comments will be considered.



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