TGIF: Here's Your Weird Al BTS Video

I love Weird Al Yankovic. I also love behind-the-scenes photo shoot videos. So how can I not love a Weird Al Yankovic BTS vid?

The video, after the jump, features music form the album. It's Weird Al parodying Lady Gaga Weird Al parodying Lady Gaga ripping off Madonna…

L.A.-based photographer Robyn Von Swank shoots a lot of promotional materials for film, TV, etc. She shot Weird Al knowing the photos would be cut out and dropped into a composite. So along with the obligatory Big Octa key and soft ring fill, she edge-lit Weird Al & co. with a couple of strip lights for nice, crisp edges. Profoto lights all around, with nice big flags to keep those strip lights from screwing up her contrast.

Weird Al, of course, needs no introduction. And you can sample the parody-ladened Alpocalypse, here.

(via @aard)


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