Through the Layers Looking Glass with Dave Hill

LA-based photographer Dave Hill is known for lighting and shooting each segment of his photos separately, then later combining them with mad Photoshop skills to create the final image. That also gives him the ability to do something you have probably never seen before -- expand the layers after-the-fact for a 3-D trip through his 2-D images with the video above.

Created for the launch of the redesign of his website, this video is made from images in his "Adventure Girl" series. If you follow Dave you'll definitely want to head over for more, including new images and plenty of behind-the-scenes footage from his shoots.

As you'll see in the BTS vids, Dave lights the crap out of everything. How he keeps track of the lighting continuity is completely beyond me.

For those interested in knowing how someone goes from shooting local skateboarders in Nashville to doing this kinda of stuff, check out this interview from 2008.



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