ANNOUNCEMENT: Please Join us in Hanoi This Fall!

Our Fall 2022 X-Peditions travel photography workshops, based in Hanoi, Vietnam, have opened for enrollment.
There are currently 4 spots remaining between the two sessions. Full details at our Fall 2022 program page.

Introducing Your Asia Correspondent

Please join me in welcoming Irwin Wong to Strobist. He specializes in editorial, portrait and commercial photography. And as the new Asia correspondent, his job will be to search out photographers in that region doing kickass work for profiles and BTS's.

Bilingual in English and Japanese, Irwin's first task will be to dive into the rich and vibrant photo culture in Japan. Case in point: Did you know you can walk up to a newsstand in Japan and buy any one of a number of photo mags that specialize in feature after feature of behind-the-scenes lighting breakdowns?

I'm thinking there is a lot of cool stuff waiting to come out of Japan, and Irwin is our "in".

Please feel free to help him out with any tips (especially you Japanese readers) via Twitter @IrwinWong. You can check out some of Irwin's own work at



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