Bucket List: A Visit to San Francisco and TWiT

This week I enjoyed my first-ever visit to the city of San Francisco, which is truly an amazing place. On the agenda was lots of hiking, plus trips to Google and Flickr. But I also traveled north to the picture-perfect small town of Petaluma, home of This Week in Tech.

I drove up there on Tuesday to appear on the TWiT Photo show. For those who missed it live (sadly, also missing the chance to heckle via the live chat room, heh) the archived video is after the jump.

As a full-on geek, I never miss an episode of This Week in Tech or This Week in Google. So getting an invite to make the pilgrimage to appear on TWiT Photo was quite cool, to say the least. As you might expect, the studio is to die for. Multiple sets and a decor that is Man Cave meets Steam Punk meets C.E.S.

However, I was not quite prepared for the way the chat room interfaces with the live show. Unseen to viewers (and positioned in front of us) are two large flat screen monitors. The top one shows what is being broadcast, and the bottom one is the scrolling cacophony that is The Chat Room.

Between that and the DM'ing via Twitter, anyone could send us whatever live message they wanted. Most of it was typical hive mind banter. But some damn-near train wrecked me.

(I'm lookin' at you, Erik.)

But it was a lot of fun, and definitely something to be checked off of the bucket list. I also reconnected with old friends at Google (and made some new ones) visited Flickr and just wandered the streets of San Francisco. Long story short, I now want to live there when I grow up.

I am in the air all day today, headed back to the east coast. So please pardon any slow comment moderation.

If you enjoy the video, be sure to check out all of the other archived TWiT Photo episodes. You can subscribe there -- or watch the show live on Tuesday afternoons.

Thanks much to Catherine and Leo for the invite. It was lotsa fun.


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