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Heinz Maier's Insanely Beautiful Water Droplets

For those of you who like to tinker around with the art of water droplet photography, the bar has just been raised. Significantly.

Using the hydraulic setup you see above, German photographer Heinz Maier captures the tiny slices of time in which multiple drops of falling water interact with each other.

The lighting tools, which are not shown here, are very simple: a small DIY cardboard softbox with two flashes (cutting the already fast t.1 times in half) some sample gels (complete with spindle holes, no less) and a lot of creative thinking.

The results look like complex glass sculptures…

Maier displays his work on Flickr, including a breathtaking set of droplet photos and photos of his gear setups.

I first learned of Maier's work through the always interesting Feature Shoot site, curated by Alison Zavos. It is daily fare on my RSS list. Highly recommended if you are not already a reader.


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