Five-Digit Studio Flash Catfight: Broncolor vs. Profoto

As Profoto and Broncolor battle for supremacy in the high-end studio flash world, things are getting all like, "Rawrrr, nice sweater. Does it come in your size?"

And just like Lexus and Infinity luxury car ads, they each want to point out their being better in some measurable way. Witness this Broncolor-produced "real-world shootout"…

First off, props. The image around which the shootout is based, created for Broncolor by photographer Amber Gray and lighting designer Julian Bernstein is actually pretty cool.

In this round, they choose to compare the nth-degree flash durations from the Profoto Pro8 Air (street price: $12,500 for just the pack) with the Broncolor Scoro A4s (street price: $12,500 for just the pack).

I actually enjoyed the vid very much. Not sure if I need to stop any speeding bullets with my studio flash just yet. My car might need replacing instead. But again, cool BTS built in there.

Then it occurred to me: What we need is a response video from Nashville, Tennessee. Specifically, we need one with the sub-10,000th of a sec flash duration Einstein monobloc.

And in the interest of consistency, we would want the exact same photo, except with a shock-red hair-dyed Paul C. Buff as the model. I can see it now -- face nestled in exotic flowers... heavy on the eye makeup... pouty lips... water sensuously caressing his face, only to be frozen like glass by the under-$500.00 Einstein 640 monobloc.

Yeaah baby, yeeeeeeeaaaahhh.

And I know just the man to shoot it.

C'mon, Paul. Make the call. Fly Jarek in. You know you want to. And I would so run that baby.


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