Making a Case for the Beauty Dish

When posting on my four favorite soft light mods, I included a beauty dish but lamented the necessity of a dedicated case to keep it from getting scuffed up. Dishes aren't cheap to begin with, and neither are decent cases.

Problem solved...

L.A.-based photographer Mariusz Jeglinski chimed in with a great tip in the comments and I filed it away to post about when the time was right. This week, the time is right. And Mariusz' tip is to use an inexpensive Christmas wreath case to store and transport your beauty dishes.

Make it Better

At under $10, you can splurge with a couple bucks more for some mattress-topper foam for more protection. Or go whole-hog, adding to that an interior shell of repurposed coroplast sign material between the wreath case and the foam. After all, we are heading into election season, if you haven't heard. So there is gonna be plenty of free coroplast to be had.

Ten bucks too much? Keep an eye out for super-cheap wreath cases when the craft stores start to clear out their holiday merch. Anyone out there who builds a spiffy version, hit us with an image link in the comments.

And yes, there's a speedlight in the dish inside the case for the picture. 'Cause beauty dishes in cases don't glow all by themselves.

Awesome tip, Mariusz. Many thanks.


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