How the Other Half Lives: George Holz' Beyoncé for Spin

Photo © George Holz

You know how people on the Strobist Flickr group like to talk about how it is technically possible to shoot blow-away white with just one flash?

Yeah, this is not exactly that.

Hit the jump for a walk-thru vid for the (ahem, eight-light) shoot, including a key light combo that you're prolly gonna want to rent rather than buy next time you are assigned to shoot Beyoncé.

George Holz is the latest photog to get the Master Series multi-video treatment from Profoto. (You'll remember these three videos featuring Greg Heisler.)

That soft/hard key light combo has got me thinking. Prolly not thinking so hard I am gonna buy the giant Profoto umbrella reflector. But thinking about sticking a front-firing speedlight in front of a Paul Buff PLM or a Photek Softlighter. Maybe even grid the hard light, too.

Here's the diagram, which includes the dual-flash key light, the umbrella trees and the boob accent separation lights.

Nothing to make you think too hard. Just some helpful information, for the next time you find Beyoncé in front of your lens.

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