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Michael Grecco for Psychology Today

Here's a cool, ~1-minute time-lapse that offers some neat ideas. Grecco uses an undersized set and some oversized creativity to create a conceptual cover photo for Psychology Today.

It's quick, and some details are easy to miss if you don't hit pause. (Watch it full-screen on 1080p for best effect.) But the lighting is one out-of-frame boomed box on the background, a top-of-frame box for key and a ring for fill.

Note that after the model is done, he shoots the grass and flowers separately for an easy strip-in with a locked-down camera position. (Final image is shown in close at the 0:38 second mark.)

Props to Grecco for his steady stream of BTS vids from many of his shoots. If you have not seen them, here are some others:

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