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Canon 600EX-RT Speedlite and ST-E3-RT Transmitter: Yep, It's Radios

Photo © Syl Arena

I'm on the road with spotty 'net (and also a Nikon guy, so there's that). But Syl Arena has been playing around with the just-announced Canon flash and radio transmitter. Here's the five-word version of Syl's review:

"Canonistas, hold your heads high."

Well, then. Looks like Canon has uncorked a very sophisticated and robust flash system for discerning photographers who like their photos well-lit, if not quite in focus. (Kidding! Mostly!)

Check out Syl's evolving coverage of the new system.


[UPDATE: Official price for the Canon 600EX-RT speedlite was set at: 1 Paul Buff 640WS Einstein + 8" hi-output reflector + 2-grid set + 64" soft silver PLM + 64" diffusion fabric.]



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