Two Worlds Collide: Zack Arias on Digital Rev

Wasn't planning on doing a post today, but this "cheap camera challenge" from DigitalRev combines two things of which I am a very big fan:

1. DigitalRev's Kai Wong, and
2. Watching Zack Arias sweat.

Normally we have to wait until Gulf Photo Plus to watch Zack sweat out an improv shoot like this. And we still wouldn't get Kai and DigitalRev in the bargain.

The main problem (other than the POS P&S) is that Zack's Cantonese is about as good as his subjects' English. Which is to say, not very. (Dude, at least learn how to say please and thank you in the local language.) Fortunately, Alamby was there to pick up the linguistic pieces.

Fun to watch, but I am noticing a disturbing trend with DigitalRev and visiting photographers. Getting a little worried about my trip to Hong Kong next winter…



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