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Sync-hole Opens at Photokina

See that little hole? That's a ⅛" (3.5mm) sync on the just-announced Mitros flash from Phottix. It's starting to happen, people…

The new (upcoming, actually) flash is a full TTL/manual/HSS model, which is designed to emulate the feature set of the OEM flagship speedlights (fast recycle, IR triggering, master/slave mode, etc.) Canon version is expected to launch soon, followed by Nikon and then… Sony. See the Mitros page for full details, more pics.

But even more interesting in my book is the fact that the Mitros now joins the Nissin Di622 and the LumoPro models LP120 and LP160 as having a ⅛" sync port. (Why is that trend cool? Because this.)

Phottix's Steve Peer explains the company's thinking behind the ⅛" jack:

The decision regarding this was simple, PC sync is dated and unreliable. You know as well as I do how persnickety a PC cable connection is between a flash and trigger. The wind blows the wrong way and your flash is suddenly not firing as the cable has moved slightly.  

While we offer PC sync cables and ship the with all our triggers finding and purchasing these cables in some parts of the world is not an easy feat for some photographers. We would rather "keep it simple," as well as offer the additional durability and ease-of-use offered by 3.5 mm cables.

Yep. Welcome aboard the ⅛" sync bandwagon, Phottix. Unified, inexpensive sync systems help us to think of speedlights as little tiny monoblocs. Which they kinda are.

Price for the upcoming Mitros has not been finalized, but is expected to be in the $300 range.


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