Well That was Fast.

Too cheap to consider the Bounce-Wall, even before they announced the price? (UPDATE: They have since announced the price.)

A mere four days later, there is already a page up on how to roll your own version…

Free-Ninety Nine

So maybe it is not as polished, versatile or sturdy as the original, which will retail for $99 (that's dollars or Euros, from what I am hearing). But it will get your light up-and-over, and do so in a way where you can easily rotate the angle for different shooting distances.

The tutorial is at Lighting-Academy.com, which just happens to be the DIY division of California Sunbounce.

I love that these guys, who have a rep for making high-end gear for pros, also put out DIY versions much of their stuff on a sister site. If there is another photo company that does this, I don't know about it.

Anyway, bad news is it's all in German. Good news is that there are enough detailed photos that it doesn't matter. And if you are both German and a cheapskate, well, Dies ist dein Glückstag. [UPDATE: The English version is now up.]

If you have a 1/4x20 eye bolt (or normal bolt and a wing nut) lying around, you can certainly do this for free. And props to Sunbounce for respecting both types of photographer. Seriously.


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