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Freezing Water on the Cheap: Einstein Answers Broncolor

Remember that Broncolor-sponsored "shootout" video a little ways back, in which the high-end pack-and-heads systems competed to freeze water droplets in a concept shot?

A few of you were like, "Yeah, cool, but couldn't you also do that with an Einstein?"

Yeah, turns out you could. And who better to prove that than Jarek Wieczorkiewicz, who specializes in conceptual sculpted-liquid portraiture. His results, along with a (slightly NSFW-ish) vid, inside.

NOTE: If you want to refresh your memory, the original Nth-degree water droplet freezing video is here. And the BTS to the video title image you are seeing just below is here.

That said, here is Jarek's three-digit answer to a five-digit shootout. Depending on where you work, you might want to angle the monitor away from your boss (or maybe not go full-frame)…

The results: The Einstein's all-in t.1 time of less than a ten-thousandth of a second stops water very nicely, thank you. That's why it is the platform of choice for Jarek's insane water- and milk-freezing portraits.

To be fair, Broncolor and Profoto do offer some other advantages for the extra money. But by the same token (actually for a lot fewer tokens) Einsteins will get you into the neighborhood for a wee bit less.

You can examine a 2500-pixel version of the image up top and view large versions of the conceptual shots from the video (as well as getting info on Jarek's water workshops) at his blog at AurumLight.


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