Hasselblad HD5 Comment Win.

On Strobist, I try not to merely echo content seen elsewhere. I just don't think rote aggregation adds much to the conversation. But I am making an exception on this Hassy HD5 BTS vid, which you may have seen recently on other sites.

That's because the video itself (which, to be fair, is quite cool) is not the subject of the post. Nope, this post is about a comment on this video from long-time Strobist reader Duncan Bell.

Here's my setup to the video, as I shared it on my G+ stream:

Such a simple—and expensive—concept.

1. Shoot a palace interior. ($$$)
2. Print it on big-ass vinyl. ($$$)
3. Suspend big-ass vinyl print in a rented olympic-sized pool. ($$)
4. Light the living crap out of the pool. ($$$$)
5. Shoot a model in front of it with Hassy HD5 MF digital camera. ($$$$$$$$$$)
6. But make sure that camera is in a waterproof housing that itself probably cost more than my car. ($$$$)


To which Duncan added the following, most apropos Strobist comment, elevating the video/comment combo into something I simply had to post:

Duncan Bell, I bow to your ingenuity and henceforth follow you on Google Plus forever. Or at least until Google kills the service.

And yes, I expect Jarek Wieczorkiewicz is already creating the $100 version of this photo with his Nikon D300 and Einstein flashes.

And if he does, I guaran-double-damn-tee you I'll run it.



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