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I am always looking for inspiration from other lighting photographers—or frankly, anyone who really understands light. To that end, our interviews have ranged from 17-year-old wunderkind photographers to long-dead old master painters. Whatever gets the job done.

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Beers With: Rembrandt
Beers With: Vermeer
Beers With: Hopper
JoeyL, at 17 Years Old
Early Dave Hill (Pre-LA)
Moshe Brakha: Dirty Light
Andrew Zuckerman: Light Aircraft
Brad Trent: Artificial Portraits
Chris Crisman: Inspiration at Home
Moshe and Eddie Brakha: Standardizing Creativity
Chris Crisman on Self-Investment
Miller Mobley on Working for Your Portfolio
Andrew Pinkham's Renaissance Pets
Ryan Brenizer's Panoramic Portraits
Miller Mobley: Re-enactors
R. J. Kern Channels Rembrandt
Toufic Araman's Egyptian Resort
Adam Voorhes' Exploding Peppers
Mike Kelley's Leap of Faith
Sara Lando: My Week With Heisler, Pt. 1
Sara Lando: My Week With Heisler, Pt. 2
Sara Lando: My Week With Heisler, Pt. 3
Loren Wohl's Chokra and Awe


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