Warning: "Strobist" Flashes

Just a quick heads-up: if you see a company selling "Strobist" branded flashes, etc., they are probably just using the site's name to try to get into your pants.

There is no such thing as a Strobist-brand flashes. Heck, even the LumoPro LP180, while highly recommended, is not a Strobist-branded flash.

There is some gear that is specifically recommended by the site, including some gear and/or kits in which I was involved in the design and/or selection. These sellers will generally ping the association via the use of Strobist® with a trademark symbol, and you have probably heard mention of their business if you are a regular reader.

But there are lots of fly-by-night, pop-up companies that will just throw gear (crap, often) out there and specifically brand it as "Strobist Gear."

It's not. They're just hoping you'll think their mystery-meat, zero-warranty stuff has been vetted and highly endorsed!


And please, do not infer any type of association with these types of outlets. I obviously would not trust them as far as I could throw them.


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