Gulf Photo Plus 2014 Shootout Video is Live

Earlier this month I had the honor to host (read: did not have to compete in) the Gulf Photo Plus 2014 Shootout, which this year featured Zack Arias vs. Sara Lando. Zack is a multi-year veteran, Sara is a newb. You'd think she'd be an easy put-down. You'd be wrong.

Having been the first person to walk out on stage in the first-ever shootout in 2010, I can tell you it is absolutely terrifying. You feel as if you have made a terrible mistake, and that you have everything to lose and nothing to gain.

You feel as if the creative part of your brain just announced, "Eff this. I'm outta here." and you watched it walk out of the room.

What I am trying to say is for any of you thinking, "I'd love to do that! That looks like fun!"

No. It's terrifying.

Also, it's hard capture the pure tension of this event in a time-compressed video. But just imagine how you would have handled the challenge. Or, more accurately, how you'd like to think you would have handled it.

For a very good look at what it truly feels like to compete in this, read Sara's post mortem she filed right after the experience.

And yes—long pants! Too long, actually. I grabbed a pair that had not yet been hemmed as I was headed out the door for Dubai. But that just averages out for years of shorts, I guess. The bow tie was a last-second call, and a gift from Sara. Me primitive. Me not have that much style.

Finally, if you ever, ever get the chance to go to Gulf Photo Plus, make sure you do not leave before attending the shootout in person. It's truly awesome.

Comments? Jeers? Use hashtag #GPPShootout.


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