The Traveling Photographer_PARIS Has Posted

Paris, the latest installment in The Traveling Photographer series, has just posted to Photographed this past May, the hour-long episode includes lots of practical, real-world advice for anyone who may be considering traveling to Paris with their camera.

In addition to all of the city-specific travel advice, much of the episode explains how to make the most of your time there as a photographer. There are segments on where to go to get the best cityscapes, street shooting and even a section on shooting in Paris through a specially adapted toy camera lens.

If a trip to Paris is in your future (or you are just open to being talked into the idea) you'll find this episode of The Traveling Photographer to be time well spent.

Like the rest of the Traveling Photographer series, the Paris episode is available here on You can find out more about the series itself in this earlier post.

More photos from this episode:


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