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Watch This: The Secret(s) to Alexis Cuarezma's Success

Up for a quick shot of knowledge, with an order of motivation on the side?

Take a few minutes to watch this interview with photographer Alexis Cuarezma, a sports portrait specialist based in San Francisco and LA.

The short version? Be like water finding downhill. But the video is full of good tips, strong work and solid dose of BTS pics to satisfy your jones for lighting.

How did Cuarezma get his start in the world of sports-related portraiture?

Shooting Little League baseball. You could probably do that, too. And with a good eye and some solid business fundamentals, he worked his way up from there.

But honestly, I'm just gonna shut up and let Alexis do the talking.

UPDATE: Here's a second video, from 2014, showing another layer of Alexis' inventiveness. In it, he uses two separate lighting schemes (and a cycling trigger) to simultaneously shoot both the client's look and his own:

Pretty sweet, huh?

You can follow Alexis on Twitter and Instagram (latter is best to see new work) if you like. But make sure to check out his website, too.

Photo ©Alexis Cuarezma


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