East Coast? Late March? Come to Reading, PA.

Hey folks, just a quick heads up that I will be teaching at the Dynamic Images Photo Conference in Reading, PA, on Saturday, March 25th. The conference is put on by the Berks Photographic Society, a rather large camera club that has been doing these things for 58 years.

Reading, PA is within easy reach of Baltimore, Philly, New York and Intercourse. And there is a whole three-day weekend planned with concurrent seminars, workshops, shooting sessions, etc.

My afternoon talk will be an evolution of the Flash Bus presentation back in 2011. So if you missed that, now's your chance to get a few hour's worth of small flash lighting firehose. It's suitable for beginner through intermediate level lighting photographers.

I am but a Saturday afternoon cog in the three-day weekend machine. There are over a dozen other presenters, with multiple instructional paths from which to choose, happening at once. Full info and registration is here.

Hope to see you there. I'll be the one in shorts.


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