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SLC-OE-02: The Best Compact Lighting Bag
Is Not a Photography Bag

Call me crazy, but I love the idea of finding a great piece of photo gear by going off-label. In this case, a lighting bag that is not technically a lighting bag.

It's perfectly sized, comes in a ridiculous array of colors and is $22.99 shipped.

It's a Chess Bag

Yep, not a photo bag. But it is sized perfectly for a one-light compact lighting kit. And unlike most chess bags, this one is padded.

As seen above, the pockets are normally meant for chess pieces and the timer clock. But they will easily hold a speedlight, swivel, remotes, gels, etc. Basically, they'll handle everything you need to be super mobile and still well-lit.

If you are using two lights and stands, it can handle that as well. But there's only room for the two stands and umbrellas. You'll need to carry the smaller gear (speedlight, etc) in your camera bag. Meaning, for two-light shooters this bag holds the stuff that is too long to fit in your camera bag.

The included strap lets it ride diagonally across your back, which is cool because the bag is short enough so that it doesn't slap your butt every time you take a step.

My Mobile Studio

This bag makes for a very compact way to haul a compact lighting setup, be it over your shoulder or otherwise. Pictured above: 3 bodies, 5 lenses, two flashes, stands and umbrellas. All transported by 49cc of raw power.

Pick Your Color

I like blue, because I am boring classic. But because there are a ton more chess players in the world than lighting photographers, this bag sells at scale. Which means not only is it less expensive, but you have tons of choices when it comes to color.

You want black? No prob. But this bag comes in 30 colors and patterns, so you are not limited.

You want polka dots? Several choices of polka dots. Camo? You can choose regular or jungle. (I can't see your bag now but you are all set.) Zebra stripe? Not judging. Okay maybe a little bit.

The compact-lighting-bag-that-is-not-a-photo-bag, AKA the Deluxe Chess Bag, by US Chess Federation, is $22.99, shipped (Amazon Prime) from Amazon.com.

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